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Valkyrie Arms F.A.Q. Page

   Can you send a catalog to me, please?

We do not produce a fancy, full color catalog of our products because we have found that it is not cost effective. We prefer to apply that money back into improving the current products and doing research on new products. All of the information that would be in a catalog is located on the Valkyrie Arms website at

  Can you send a full color poster of your products to me for my room?

We do not produce a full color poster of our products. We prefer to apply that money back into improving the current products and doing research on new products. Pictures of our firearms can be located on the Valkyrie Arms website at

   Can you send a [t-shirt, mug, souvenir, etc.] with your logo on it for my collection?

We do not distribute items containing our company logo. We prefer to apply that money back into improving the current products and doing research on new products.

   I live in California / New York. Are your firearms legal for me to purchase?

California and New York continue to pass increasingly restrictive gun laws. We are very selective in accepting orders from these states.

  I have a parts kit for a Browning 1919A1. Will Valkyrie Arms build a firearm for me?

We no longer manufacture Browning 1919A1's.

  Are the prices on the Valkyrie Arms website the current prices?


  Do you have dealer pricing?


   Do you have any regional distributors?

There are no regional distributors at the current time. Buying directly from Valkyrie Arms allows us to keep our prices down. As Valkyrie Arms expands its manufacturing capabilities, the situation will be re-assessed.

   Can you ship my firearm to me?

Valkyrie Arms will ship to an individual with an FFL. If you do not have an FFL, you will need to make arrangements with a local dealer to transfer the firearm after the dealer has sent a copy of their FFL to Valkyrie Arms.

   How long will I have to wait for my firearm to be delivered?

The waiting period varies by the volume of orders received. The delivery priority is to pre-paid orders first, then orders with deposits, and then orders with no money down. If the volume of orders suddenly increases due to new advertising or attendance at a trade show, the waiting period may be as much as three months.

   How can I convert your semi-auto firearm to full automatic?

That is an illegal question and Valkyrie Arms will not respond to questions of that sort. All Valkyrie Arms semi-auto designs are based on BATF approved designs. Any attempt to alter the design to create a fully automatic firearm is illegal and will invalidate the warranty.

   Can I trade my [M38 Jeep, John Wayne commemorative rifle, bazooka, coin collection, etc] for one of your firearms?

Valkyrie Arms will consider any trade, but any decision will be based on the liquidity or uniqueness of the item to be traded.

   I live in [Poland, Argentina, Mexico, {insert name of country here}]. Can I buy one of your firearms?

Valkyrie Arms does not export any of their firearms at the present time. Domestic markets currently consume our total production.

   Do you plan to produce a version of the MG-42, MP-40, or {insert firearm name here} soon?

Valkyrie Arms is always interested in creating versions of difficult or long neglected unique firearms. Any production plans are dependent on potential interest of new firearms and the production backlogs of current models.

   Will you contribute to the {insert name of gun support cause}?

Valkyrie Arms recognizes the importance of supporting groups willing to stand up for Second Amendment rights and against gun-control forces. Valkyrie Arms contributes to several large national organizations and some local organizations, but does not have vast resources to contribute to all organizations.

   What is the process to follow to order a firearm?

1. Contact Valkyrie Arms either via email at, by phone at 360.482.4036, or by mail at 120 State Ave. NE #381, Olympia, WA 98501.
2. State what firearm you would like to purchase.
3. Provide your name, telephone number, and address.
4. Provide a copy of the FFL license of the FFL holder that will receive the firearm.
5. Provide payment (either full or a 50% deposit with the remainder due prior to shipping) in the form of a check or money order.

   How do I obtain additional information?

Most of your questions should be answered by information contained on the website or in this FAQ's section. However, if you have a question that is not covered, please contact Valkyrie Arms either via email at, by phone at 360.482.4036, or by mail at 120 State Ave. NE #381, Olympia, WA 98501. Please be specific with your questions. A general request such as, "Please send me additional information on your products" is difficult to respond to.

   Are you still manufacturing the Browning M2 .50 caliber firearm?

Valkyrie Arms no longer manufactures the Browning M2 .50 caliber firearm. The parts kits were becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. Also, the time spent in producing one M2 could be spent instead to produce several of our other firearms and reduce our backlog.

   Are you still manufacturing the Browning BAR?

Valkyrie Arms no longer manufactures the Browning BAR. There was a limited supply of Group Industries receivers that could be used.

   I saw a Browning 1919 from another company that was less expensive than yours. Why are your firearms more expensive?

As with anything else in this world, you get what you pay for. Often what appears to be a bargain turns out to be more expensive in the long run. Browning 1919's from Valkyrie Arms are built from genuine U.S. military parts. All parts are bead blasted to a smooth finish and then parkerized. Ask anyone who has bought a Valkyrie Arms firearm and they will all tell you that their firearm's appearance surpasses the appearance of others and great attention to detail is shown in the construction. Reliability is another key consideration. Several Browning 1919's built by Valkyrie Arms have shot more than 8,000 rounds without a problem.

   Can you tell me about your M3A1 "grease gun"?

A faithful re-creation of the venerable M3-A1, using many original USGI parts. Our version has the large ejection cover for the finger cocking bolt which eliminates the cocking handle. The firearm uses a closed bolt. We have re-worked the trigger mechanism and changed some internal dimensions to prevent interchangeability of original automatic parts. The caliber of the gun is .45. The gun has a sixteen and a half-inch barrel. It will not function with an original military barrel. There are some headspace differences. In other words, if you would like a registered SBR, we can supply a short barrel for you that will work with this gun. Short, non-functioning display dummy barrels will also be available in the future, but are not yet ready for delivery. They will be an extra price item. One of the main differences between our gun and the original version is that the original used a stamped receiver. The receiver manufactured by us uses milled out aircraft quality tubular steel rather than using the two piece stamping. It is made to be a long lasting shooter. We believe that this is one robust gun.

   Do you have plans to sell M3 receivers?

We had to create our own tooling for this project. We are selling completed guns only and have no plans to sell receivers only.

   I inherited a {insert name of gun}. Can you tell me the value of it?

We're not able to tell you the value of the gun. There is a "blue book" published that contains that type of information. You might want to talk to a local dealer (look in the yellow pages) who might have a copy of the book. The dealer would need to see the gun since the condition of the gun affects the value. Just tell the dealer your story and that you don't want to sell the gun. Tell him that you just need to know the value for insurance purposes. The dealer should be willing to help you. Good luck.

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